Inspiration is what it says on the tin and inspiration is what you get in the can. You do have to be open to it but once you are, you will see the difference.

~Mrs H

I went into this sceptical about what could be done for me but was pleasantly surprised. Kelli is a Darl and has helped me in so much more ways than I expected. Thank you.

~Charles Denton

One word - Dynamic!

~Mr Jeyton

Suffering from anxiety and depression has hindered my personal development. It has caused me to socially withdraw myself from friends and family and has also affected my performance at work. Deciding to start Therapy was the best decision I had made, in which I have seen exceptional results. I am aware that things cannot change overnight, however from my first few sessions, I can strongly say that my self-esteem and confidence has grown immensely and have been reassured that happiness will once again become a part of my life. Thanks to the help, advice, and guidance that Kelli has given me within each session, I am consciously working to ensure that my anxiety and depression will no longer have control.

~T Johnson

Kelli was refered to us by a friend of ours. She is patient and listens. She hits you with those questions that make you think and there's your homework for the next week :) We are very happy and will continue to get advice from her.

~Mr and Mrs Stanley

Thank you, thank you, thank you! To think where I am now to where I was. I am truly grateful.


For a number of years my husband and I realised that we were arguing more, there had been a breakdown in communication and the key element of trust started to fade away. Prior to our first session with Kelli, I had felt like it was hopeless, however, within our session, Kelli displayed high levels of professionalism, listened intently to our situation, helped us to identify the root problem and a way in which we can, day by day. gradually improve the nature of our relationship. We can honestly say that our communication has improved and there is increased levels of understanding within our marriage. For this, we have to say a big thank you to Miss Kelli Blake. Together, my husband and I have decided to have ongoing and more frequent sessions to maintain a healthy relationship. We would recommend Inspir8ional to everybody. There is always hope and for the first time in 2 years we can see a clear, happy and positive path for our marriage.



I have been with Inspir8ional for a number of years now and have continued to see Kelli for support through my decisions, she is quite relaxing and helps you to look at situations from different angles which helps in decision making. Thank you very much for all of your help.

~B Gaynes

Changing anything in your life is hard but it makes a difference when you have support.

~Mr Paul

Throughout life I had been going through jobs feeling empty and hopeless as they were simply pay checks and held no meaning to me. I decided I needed help and for somebody to help direct me and set me on the right path. A friend recommended a life coach she used, Kelli Blake, and explained the methods that helped her and how she believes it could help me so I decided to give it a try. Over time, I learned what I’m passionate about and what direction I want my life to go in. I went from simply surviving to truly living my life and accessing my full potential. The dedication show by Miss Blake and the care and time taken helped me feel less hopeless and trust in the process. It does take time however I would do it all again. Learning to live has been the best decision and I will continue to work with Miss Blake and find my purpose in life.



Name: Kelli Blake

Location: London

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