Money is a tool of great proportions.

We have all used money before whether we have handled it, played with it, thrown it away or saved it... it's well known for its physical attributes and what it can bring but money is more than this as it is tied into status, emotions and identity. It can turn friends into enemies and inflate egos as well as help those who need it.

Money is more than physical, it is elemental.

Earth - Physical matter that we can touch 

Fire - Powerful

Air - Virtual (through online bank accounts etc)

Water - Fluid meaning it circles the globe and has minimum boundaries. 

Money is also an idea.

It is an idea that is fed through to you whilst being a child.

Being taught that you are good enough, loved and appreciated gives rise to aspects of making and receiving money in adult life.

The negative effects of being taught that you are not worthy equally has an effect.


If you are the bold type you will go after money boldly regardless of what was learned when young but if you are the shy type and have been taught that you are less than others or that your thoughts or feelings do not matter then making money will more likely be harder. This is because money vibrates from the first and second chakra points of the body and this is tied into the core make up of a being.

How do you feel about yourself?

How are you at making yourself financially stable or free?

Has it been an easy road? Has it been a hard one?

A persons drive to make money stems from a variety of ideals that one has for oneself.

The two main catagories are love and a lack of love.

This emotion of lack can drive a person to make money as way of covering what has been hurt